Ketamine-Assisted Groups

Ketamine has become more and more widely known as a way to relax our habitual protective defenses against our own past traumatic memories and stored pain, allowing us to process old pain, thus freeing ourselves to experience and respond to our current life situations from more resourced places. This group allows participants to drop into their own process in a container designed for connection with
others and self.

I will be co-facilitating these groups with Amy Hill with a maximum of 6 participants to provide an intimate experience in community. There are three preparation sessions, 3 ketamine journeys with an
integration session within 48 hours of each journey, followed by a final integration session several weeks later. All ketamine journeys will be in-person. The preparation and integration sessions will be on Zoom.

Cost is $1200 for four 90-min sessions.

Parts Work Groups

Join this 4-week online group for an in-depth experience of your own relationships to the parts that make up you. This group is based on the incredible work of Internal Family Systems developed by Richard Schwartz. Fully immersing yourself into the rich world of your own parts can be a wonderful complement to any kind of therapy.

We will spend the first part of each meeting discussing the aspects of all the parts that make up who we are and how we engage with the world, including protectors, exiled younger parts and Self energy. Each meeting will allow everyone time for self-reflection and interaction with each other to share experiences and learn how universal this process is.

To protect everyone’s confidentiality, the meetings will not be recorded, so please be prepared to join each week with your full attention, cameras on, as though we were meeting in-person.

Cost is $250 for four 90-min sessions.

Deep Processing Groups

I will also be co-facilitating a variety of other groups that explore deep personal processing, exploration and group connection. For more information on these other groups, please reach out to me.

Cost is $950-$1500.

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