healing. freedom. joy.

Most of us experience trauma.


Most of us carry negative beliefs, many of which we adopted in childhood.

It’s no ones fault, but we do have the power to heal.

Nancy Goodman, LCSW Lakewood Colorado

About Nancy Goodman

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I opened my practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in 2002. My role in the lives of my clients continues to humble me as we travel together on their personal journeys from suffering to healing to freedom. Every person deserves to heal from the tragedies in their lives, so I strive to help each of my clients evolve into the person they want to be in the world. 




A powerful tool to help us heal traumatic memories.

internal family systems

Internal Family Systems

Integrating the reactive and wounded parts of ourselves can free us to live more authentically.

somatic processing

Somatic Processing

Our bodies have the power to store and to heal the things we experience throughout our lives.



A road map that shows us our personal path to freedom from our reactivity to life.

KAP - ketamine assisted therapy

KAP (ketamine-Assisted-Psychotherapy)

A legal psychedelic used to treat depression, trauma and to explore personal spirituality.

Nancy Goodman Integration

Preparation and Integration of Psychedelic Experiences

The key to long-lasting impact of expanded states of consciousness comes from maximizing the time before and after the journeys themselves.
Therapeutic Writing Colorado

Therapeutic Writing

Writing gives us access to subconscious material that we cannot get at through thinking.

Begin the journey to a more joyful life.

If you’re ready to begin the transformation of reaching your goals that were once unattainable, feeling happier and more joyful, contact me for a consultation.

healing. freedom. Joy.

To align with the variety of needs in relation to Covid-19, Nancy Goodman is able to meet in person, via Zoom, telephone or outside on a trail near her office. As a licensed therapist, she serves clients living in Lakewood, Metro Denver and the state of Colorado.

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